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Our classes are aimed at educating both amateur enthusiasts and business owners alike. Class syllabus is structured into 3 Modules, each covering one aspect of Botanicals and pertinent subjects within it. 

At the end of this course, participants will have a deeper understanding of Aromatherapy, Plant derivatives e.g. Essential oils, Carrier Oils, Absolutes etc. and their use in Healing and Skincare. How to use them properly, their benefits, blending etc. And how to make a variety of DIY products for the home and personal use. Business owners will gain important tools on how to improve the quality of their products and how each ingredient added or removed affects their customers physically, mentally and emotionally. 

A basic understanding of Chemistry and Biology is an advantage but not a requirement.

Beginners: 1 Day Class. Module 1 Only 
Online: N40,000 (Online Classroom with a maximum of 8 participants). 
In Person: N50,000 (Maximum of 10 participants, complimentary tea/coffee/water and snacks ) 

Intermediate: 3 Days - Module i, ii & iii,

Online: N100,000 (Online Classroom with a maximum of 8 participants). 
In Person: N120,000 (Maximum of 10 participants, complimentary tea/coffee/water and snacks ) 
All participants will be required to take an intake assessment. 
Intermediate course participants will be given assignments after every module.  
For registration, send an email to info@mosnaturalsolutions.com with the classes you are interested in in this format: 
Title: Beginner/Intermediary
Body: Name & Surname 
Telephone number 
Course format you are interested in and we will send you the necessary information to complete your registration which will be on a first come, first basis. 
Hear From Some Of Our Alumni.....

Thank you so much for the notes. Your class was a great foundation and totally worth it.

I'm attending a perfumery class now and all I can say is I'm glad I attended yours first.

I hear some rubbish and I'm like wow, I know better.

Thank you once again.

I will still disturb you from time to time though.

having a better understanding of what i want to do


Idara, Aspiring Natural Product Brand Owner (intermediate, February 2019)
Firstly, Mo's Natural Solutions has great customer service. The products are excellent and outstanding. I decided to take a training course on essential oils and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It hasn't only been liberating to have such good information at my fingertips but very important as an aspiring natural product brand owner. There is a certain level of confidence you get when you have been tutored by a person whom you would describe as a wealth of knowledge. I would urge anyone who needs proper training on everything about essential oils to give it a try.
Thanks, Mo's Natural Solutions for everything, keep up the good work.
Rachel, M.D/C.E.O Organic Life Plus Nig. (Intermediate January 2019) 

I took the Mos Natural Solutions essential oils training course feeling like I already knew a lot about essential oils. However, I dare say I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge that made me understand that my original knowledge barely scratched the surface. I learned a lot about the chemistry of essential oils, how deep the ways in which essential oils affect our health and most importantly how to properly formulate and blend using essential oils while taking into account certain health conditions.

This course was a real eye-opener! Loved it


Suhayr, M.D/c.e.o Beauty Products NG. (Intermediate, August 2018) 
My one-on-one class with Mo’s Natural Solutions was - PERFECT. For years, I have searched and attended different skincare classes that I thought would simply teach me some of the important things that would help me in formulating natural skincare that works. I thought I had been taught everything, not until I met Aunty Mo, I realized I knew nothing. She is so full of knowledge!!! Which is why I didn’t think twice in attending the class. It was very thorough, and I learned exactly what I needed to know, she hit the nail on the head, and you get VALUE for your money because you will go home with a lot in your head! Very straight forward and interactive. It opened my mind to a whole new idea and completely changed my mindset regarding natural skincare. I would definitely recommend the class 100%. Thank you again Mo’s Natural Solutions!
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