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Uses & benefits of coq10 glow Body oil

COQ10 or coenzyme Q10, the star ingredient in our glow oil, is an antioxidant crucial for cellular energy production which is important in providing energy for repair systems during stress and protection from UV damage. 

Studies have shown that topical application of COQ10 is beneficial to stressed skin to help reduce free radical damage and increase antioxidant activity in the skin.

Use twice daily to help enhance skin regeneration, and with consistent use can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars and hyperpigmentation, protect the skin from UV damage, revive dull, dry, cracked skin and to even out and brighten the skin's natural complexion.

It helps even out the skin tone, it assists the body in production of collagen and elastin, and flushes out toxins from the skin thus enhancing the natural complexion.  

This potent ingredient protects the skin at the molecular level from the damaging effects of the sun and from damage by free radicals , it works by reducing collagen degradation and preventing damage caused by photo ageing.

In essence COQ10 is currently the top beauty ingredient to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other the signs of aging, by encouraging cell regeneration, combating sun burns and hyperpigmentation and soothing the skin to keep it youthful.

Aside from the amazing COQ10 this oil contains powerful exotic ingredients  like marula oil, papaya enzyme, bromelian ( pineapple enzyme) , manketti oil etc , these ingredients are high in vitamins and beneficial nutrients to the skin and they work together to brighten the complexion, protect the skin from the skin, fade dark spots, soften and smoothen the skin, revive damaged, dull skin, aid in the treatment of eczema and improve skin elasticity.

On top of all these wonderful skin care benefits the COQ10 glow oil has the amazing scent of ambrosia blossoms and its a light weight non greasy formula!!!

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