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Its been a while...

Hi everyone,

It really has been a while hasn’t it? There is a reason for my silence however, so here goes. The thing is I started my blog to talk about my journey into a healthier, more holistic lifestyle but in my bid to give as much information as possible I lost my own voice and it got boring and tedious, so I just stopped and gave up!

As I am sure you’ve noticed things have changed quite a bit around here, we have a brand spanking new website, email address, name and social media handles. Well our name is not technically new, we just made it uniform across the board into Mo’s Natural Solutions instead of the way it was interchangeable with Mo’s Essential Oils, it got confusing at times…even to me.

So, with all the newness in the atmosphere I thought to myself why not start blogging again? At first I dreaded it but then decided if I were to, it had to be as myself, in all my sarcastic, dry humor and sometimes general silliness..so here we are, my blog, in my voice and style. You’ll still get lots of valuable information but not like a boring textbook anymore.that was so dull!

To ensure we are starting on the absolute right foot this time around, I'll introduce myself…I’m Mo, and I am on a journey into living the healthiest, most natural, organic, holistic, lifestyle I possibly can. The only issue is, I keep hitting stumbling blocks along the way, I really do give it all I can, but this country can sometimes make a Zen lifestyle almost unattainable.

One classic example is exercise, I make an effort to do some everyday but through no fault of my own it never really goes as planned. You see gyms are not for me, we just aren’t friends for many reasons, first and foremost being the B.O (body odor) that seems to have embedded itself in almost all the gyms in my neighborhood (don’t even suggest to me that I should look elsewhere…no try am) and then there is the grunting and unnecessarily loud music, I want to work out not go to a club!! But the biggest issue for me is trainers….OMG..I can’t stand trainers, with their perfect bodies and infinite amount of energy and stamina, looking at you funny while trying to hide their judgement when you know they are thinking “get up and do it you fat, lazy slob” I’d rather not be mentally insulted by someone I am paying thank you very much!!

My other issue with them is they give you a routine and just when you’ve almost stopped making a fool of yourself trying to figure it out and are finally getting into it they decide its time to move on to the next equally difficult, unnecessarily complicated, (you hear tighten your glutes, keep your form, straight back, and other such nonsense, which one should I do? Contort my body unnaturally or figure out what a glute is? Tell me!!) painful so called “routines”. So in order not to give someone an actual Taekwondo rolling, drop kick I stay far away gyms.

My chosen exercise is walking, I love walking, ear buds in, weights in hand, sneakers on, it’s a go…plus it is 100% free. But once again there is a problem, I don’t live in one of those well manicured, nice estates, nope I live in Yaba and it appears the roads were not made for such things. So I end up struggling for walking space, with people who have decided the side of the road has been designated a "free shop zone" , okadas, marwas (keke NAPEP/Tricycles for the more English among us)who don’t understand that the side of the road is not theirs, Lagos bus drivers are just insane, so no need to even go into that and people who I truly believe are just roaming around aimlessly with no regard for the mission I am on, so I constantly have this “get out of my way people I am trying to be fit” glare on my face as a I give people the evil eye while wishing I had some Avenger or X-men type powers.

Lets not even get started on the Sahara like sun or the unpredictable rain which also affect my walking, it’s all just a lot and can be discouraging but I will overcome.

All this talking about regular exercise or shall I say my lack of it has made me remember I need to get up and walk. 6,000 steps daily is recommended to improve and maintain heart health. I'm not suggesting you mentally count every step you take, that would be impossible, modern technology has made life so much easier for us all. If you have one of the newer iphones or Samsungs there is an app that counts your steps already in it and if not just download one and carry it around with you, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you meet your target daily, if you can do more than required…have at it, your body will thank you for it.

Got to go now, until the next time,

Stay healthy (or at least try)

Peace & Love


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