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My simple skincare routine.

This is how I take care of my skin every day, if you've met me you know I am the farthest thing from a girly girl possible plus I'm impatient so it has to be simple or I won't do it.

1. I'm not really into make up so that's not an issue for me personally but dust, dirt etc also settle on the skin so I use Cucumber wipes to clean my face and neck first, why? No specific reason I just like the feel on my skin, plus it gets the job done. It also works just fine on the days I use my make up.

2. I cleanse my face with Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash; no I don't have oily skin or acne, I just like it and have been using it for the past 10 years with no issue so its a choice....make yours.

On the extremely rare days I use make up like foundation or powder, at this point I mix 1 teaspoon of milk + a few drops of blackberry seed oil on a cotton ball to take off whatever make up may be left on my face and neck, not something I do everyday, ain't nobody got time for that!

3. I spritz my face and neck with my hydrosol or toner of the moment, my normal everyday staple is Immortelle Blossom but for now I'm on a Cistus, Vetiver, Yarrow kick because the weather is cool and I have mature skin which can get dehydrated so I alternate in no particular order, its which ever my hand reaches first and give it a a minute or 2 to really sink in.

4. So now I moisturize, and this is the current blend I am using; all my blends are variations of this plus or minus a few elements every time. I have sensitive, aging, combination skin that sometimes moves to dry so I use a 1.5% dilution rate, for dilution rates go here

In a dark glass bottle I added:

15ml of Strawberry Seed Oil

15ml of Blackberry Seed Oil

2 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil

2 drops of Elemi Essential Oil

2 drops of Myrtle Essential Oil

1 drop of Labdanum Essential Oil

1 drop of Jatamansi Essential Oil

1 drop of Myrrh Essential Oil

I made mine a while back so its properly blended but if you'd like to try it, roll the bottle in the palm of your hands for a minute so the warmth in your palms can help it blend properly and keep in a cool place. The weather is cool nowadays so I just keep it on my dresser out where the sun's rays can't hit it, when it gets warmer I move it into the fridge to maintain its potency and extend its shelf life.

I also exfoliate once a week and do a full home facial with steam, exfoliation, mask the whole shebang once or twice a month, sometimes even 3 times if my skin has been through a lot but that is not the norm for me.

If my routine seems like something you'd be into..have at it and tell me how it goes. If not, what is your routine and what blends work best for you? Feel free to share, I'm certainly interested.



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