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Updated: May 20


Happy Easter guys! Let’s be real it’s been such a minute I guess we should be saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter and is it Happy/Sad/Annoying Quarantine/Lockdown? All at once right? Lol. With the current events going on worldwide, it seems like its been even longer doesn’t it? But hey, we are warriors, we’ll thug it out and come out on the other side, forever changed but still standing…Can I get an Amen? I’ve often started to write a post, a hey what’s up, a quick check in, how you doin? …anything! But something that seems more pressing at the time would always come up and my train of thought would be lost or that earth shattering idea in my head would slip away. By the time I had the presence of mind again, I’d have forgotten and even if I could remember, what I had considered to be vital information at the time would to even me, myself and I, have become somewhat irrelevant or unnecessary, so no need would be the verdict. Now, however that it appears the entire planet is on full blown lockdown and there really is nothing to do except sleep, eat, wake up, think, watch tv/read a book and repeat, what would be my excuse you ask? It’s a silly one but I’ll share anyways so here goes: I’ve recently received an unprecedented amount of emails from banks, organizations, companies, merchants, vendors etc sending newsletters I’d even forgotten signing up for. There are so many of them, its now extremely irritating and my phone and I are becoming enemies gradually and I no longer like looking at it because it’s the bearer of what appears to be an hourly deluge of emails, ALL saying the same thing!! Stay safe, wash your hands, social distancing, all important information but I don hear, it has entered #teamtoomuch for me. They shouldn’t stop sending them to other people oh, because it seems a lot of us think this Pandemic is a joke and aren’t taking it so seriously and don’t advise me to unsubscribe, I no go answer. So I calculated that I cannot be the only one who feels this way about it and was reluctant to pile on but I got nothing else to do, so…..sorry guys…still love you though. As you guys know, I’ve had some health challenges which propelled me towards aromatherapy, essential oils, herbs, meditation and natural wellness in general. Some, I’ve shared in previous posts, particularly my struggles with hyperthyroidism and its manifestations e.g. insomnia, mood swings etc. I didn’t however talk about the lung related issues I’ve had since childhood from when I was like 5yrs old and got the whooping cough which spread like wildfire in my Sussex boarding school. It was common in late 1970s, early 1980s England so a lot of us got the whoop sooner or later, it didn’t seem like that big a deal. Did it damage my lungs permanently, leaving me more susceptible to other issues? I don’t know for sure, neither my brother or sister got it and we were in the same school, I guess I’ll never know. But over the years, other unwanted guests targeted my lungs e.g. bronchitis, right side pleural effusion (my right lung was filled with fluid, collapsed and had to be drained by passing a thin tube through my ribs (PAINFUL), thank you again hyperthyroidism for another wonderful gift….NOT!!) and adult onset asthma which is thankfully much better now.

So you can understand why I am so petrified of this COVID-19 since I technically fall into the “high risk” category. To compound things, I was in the US on vacation when it actually broke out both unofficially (December) and officially (January), spent a few days in Europe (chai, waka waka don enter kata kata) and all those hours in planes and airports.. Bhet trust me now, hypochondriac mama, I immediately instituted lock down protocols upon arrival and have kept them up since then, which means I have been in self-imposed quarantine, upped my already considerable hand washing tempo, since February way before it was recommended or the first Nigerian case was confirmed. As more guidelines were released e.g. wiping down surfaces, door knobs, switches etc with bleach, maintain at least 2 meters distance etc I added them to the roster…..I take no chances!! Yeah I know I’ve done the recommended 14 days self-quarantine several times over and have had very minimal human contact with no issues thank God, but I’m not ashamed to admit that NO disease has ever scared me this much in my life so I’m still really on edge. Not AIDS (practicing safe sex, avoiding used needles, blades etc was an almost full proof preventative measure in my head and I got tested every 6 months anyways just to know), LASSA (I am mortally scared of rodents period so they are not tolerated as house guests or anywhere near my food and it isn’t contagious so its never really taken much hold in my consciousness) Ebola (For some stupid reason I just wasn’t really ever scared of that, don’t ask me why, I no get answer) but this Uncle (definitely a guy in my head, sorry male readers) Novel Coronavirus which none of us have immunity against, with no cure or vaccine, that can attack the lungs so hard that our bodies in its attempt to fight it off can end up doing us even more harm. This "beast" that can be spread by an asymptomatic carrier, by touching surfaces,, stays aerosolized in the air for hours, has different strains which attack in different areas or countries and no certain or set treatment? This intelligent virus that is seemingly mutating and has even the best scientists, doctors, epidemiologists and world leaders scrambling to understand and possibly get ahead of it before it takes even more lives and stem this global recession before it becomes irreparable ? It seems set on “Maximum destruction mode”, moving like an ancient barbaric emperor spreading carnage with such speed and brutality has got me uber shooketh! So of course I armed myself with all the requirements for home care as set out by the W.H.O and my doctor so if God forbid I were to catch it, I’d have at least a fighting chance to tackle it at home. I gladly initiated a no visitor policy (I don’t like visitors or visiting anyways…..silver lining I guess), ordered everything online and put a box outside for all deliveries to be dropped in to mitigate any human contact, stocked up on Clorox wipes and bleach (before they disappeared from the entire world), acetaminophen (Panadol and Nyquil Severe Day & Night for me). I set up a water delivery system so i could drop empty bottles outside and they'd be replaced as needed and I continued to wipe down like a maniac, which lets be real is not that removed from my every day germophobe hypochondriac life. Even with all this, I cannot even lie, I’ve had so many imaginary COVID-19 symptoms ehn hmmm, so many that if not that they were in my head, I should have moved all my property to IDH by now, but God is good e no go reach that level. I ordinarily try to stay away from pills as much as possible and now is no different, I don’t want to risk my body developing a lackadaisical attitude to any of these meds were I God forbid to actually need them at their full strength. So I've continued with my aromatherapy, meditation, herbs, spices, increased my water intake and immune boosting food its working just fine for me. I meditate every morning and do my breathing exercises while diffusing grounding, uplifting, essential oils like Galbanum, Frankincense, Tangerine, Rose Geranium and Wild Carrot Seed. Throughout the day anti-viral, respiratory health aiding, anti-tussive, anti-allergenic, decongestant, anti-infectious, immune stimulant, detoxifying, expectorant oils e.g. Oregano, Tulsi, Manuka, Clove Bud, Helichrysum, Labdanum, Myrrh and Ginger take over to help keep my airways clear to aid my breathing, remove any possible phlegm build up or congestion, clear my sinuses while battling environmental toxins, viruses, bacteria and infections. I also try as much as possible to keep my mind active and not to sleep during the day so my Circadian rhythms stay in sync. These are stressful times and anxiety levels are naturally up so it’s hard to relax and unwind, especially after watching the news and enough to keep one up at night worrying. So to avoid stories that touch, I diffuse my stress, anxiety, nervous tension and insomnia heavy hitters Neroli, Chamomile Roman, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Ruh Khus, Bergamot, Cypress, Jatamansi, Mysore Sandalwood and Hyssop (I alternate 3-5 oils per diffusion to keep it fresh) that way I know na sleep sure pass. On days when Nepa strikes, I sit on the balcony armed with my diffuser bracelet and daytime faves i.e. Coral Jasmine, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Yarrow and Jamarosa or I just use our RAHA diffuser blend if I can’t be bothered with the bracelet. I also gear up, mask on, face hydrated with German Chamomile Hydrosol or Immortelle Blossom Toner, moisturize my face and neck with a Blackberry seed, Kiwi seed and Guava Seed Oil blend with EOs, to keep my skin flawless and help combat free radical damage and take a 30 minute walk every day. I do lots of veggies and made a huge bowl of minimal palm oil seafood efo riro which I’ve been enjoying with ofada rice which I believe is the ish, nobody should tell me it smells, I don’t care!

I drink a blend of honey, ginger and garlic (disgusting I know) every morning along with my vitamin C, immune support blend and some black seed oil. Before bed I drink some infused mullein, cordyceps or green/black tea with some lemon/lime, depending on my mood. I keep abreast on all the latest developments and seek ACCURATE information, by reading articles from the New England School of Medicine and other accredited medical and science journals, bulletins from Johns Hopkins University, I catch briefings by Tedros Adhanom (WHO) Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr, Deborah Birx, Governor Sanwoolu, Dr. Akin Abayomi and Dr. Iheakwazu (NCDC). For policy changes or directives PMB or NASS because I can't tolerate all the increasingly outlandish and irresponsible conspiracy theories flying around on social media and fake whatsapp messages, minimizing a virus that's infected 1.7 million people, killed over 100,000 with 18,000 in New York alone. Quite worrisome because Lagos is more densely populated, isn’t even half as equipped and they're still struggling even with a stricter, more enforced and longer lock down. It isn’t all doom and gloom, I’ve cooked a lot (I LOVE to cook, its therapeutic for me), I even have my “sickness foods” already prepared and frozen in case the unthinkable happens , at least I have ready meals i.e. pepper soup, seafood okra, things I can basically eat with eba/amala. Its odd because I eat rice everyday but when i'm ill I can’t tolerate it. . I’ve also re reading books by some of my favorite authors Jonathan Kellerman, Marian Keyes, Martina Cole and catching up tv shows,I actually missed an entire season of Madam Secretary and The Gifted…HOW?? Now, it’s a binge watching galore and NEPA has been good….knock on wood because they can fall hand anyhow. Anyways, its Easter Sunday,an unprecedented one since we cannot congregate or jollificate in order to save lives….na wa oh. But we all must #takeresponsibility #staysafeathome and help #stopthespread to beat this beast together as one, not by nationality, race, tribe, religion, social status, bank balance but as humanity as a whole, united against a common enemy. So, in the spirit of the season, reach out to those in need, anyone we can help, do our bit to ease the pain and suffering of those around us in anyway we can. We only have one body, when we treat it well it returns the favor. Be good to yourself and others. Until we chat again, Peace & Love Mo

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