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Botanical name: Myroxylon pereirae

Plant part: Resin

Cultivation: Wild-Harvested

Extraction: Steam distillation

Size: 10ml 


Product description: 

Derived from steam distillation of the gummy, sticky "balsam" obtained from tapping the base of the Myroxylylon pereirae tree.

Balsam of Peru Essential Oil has been used for centuries throughout Central & South America in treating respiratory issues, skin diseases and for the many other impressive health benefits, it possesses. 

Its aroma is likened to a sweet blend of Cinnamon and Vanilla with a touch of Clove. 



Balsam of Peru Essential Oil

SKU: 98000016-01
    • Helps clear congestion in the airways, by stimulating the lungs and chest by expelling any accumulated phlegm which may be attached to the airways due to powerful expectorant properties. Beneficial in treating respiratory issues when there is a cough that produces phlegm or where there is difficulty breathing due to obstruction, inflammation, infection etc. e.g. asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, colds, flu, coughs and other respiratory disorders.
    • Helps induce hormonal changes that can calm the nerves and lower the effect of stress hormones in the body to encourage calmness and relaxation. Beneficial in treating acute stress, shaky nerves, anxiety attacks, depression, nervous shock, and mental affliction
    • Its versatile anti-inflammatory property helps prevent, soothe and reduce soreness, swelling and other signs of inflammation in the respiratory system, muscles, joints etc. and is beneficial in treating hemorrhoids, swollen feet, coughs, muscle and joint aches or soreness etc.
    • Helps activate antioxidants to stimulate the immune system and enhance the body’s defense systems by eliminating toxins, combating free radical damage to prevent many diseases due to antioxidant and immunostimulant properties.
    • Its diuretic effect helps induce and increase the frequency of urination to improve kidney health, preventing the formation of stones by stimulating regular expulsion of excess water, fats, waste, salts and other toxins from the body which helps lower blood pressure, improve heart health, aid weight loss and improve overall health.
    • Helps boost blood circulation, decrease pain, calm, reduce swelling and inflammation, eliminate excess salt, uric acid, water deposits and toxic build up in muscles and joints to treat rheumatism due to antirheumatic, antioxidant, circulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Helps improve metabolic function to aid absorption of food, nutrients and the elimination of waste to maintain digestive health. Beneficial in treating nausea, constipation, flatulence, loss of appetite and other digestive complaints. Can be used to stimulate bowel movement, improve appetite, promote proper digestion and kill intestinal worm infections caused by pin or tapeworms.
    • Helps reduce perspiration to prevent and eliminate body odor, its spicy, vanilla clove-like scent serves as a fixative in many perfumes to avoid evaporation or loss of aroma.  
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