Botanical name: Ferula galbaniflua 

Plant part: Stems and branches

Cultivation: Wild-Harvested

Extraction: Steam distillation

Size: 10ml


Product description:

One of the 7 Biblical perfumes, Galbanum has been known since the times of the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, where it was burnt in incense sticks, mixed in bath water, used in skin balms and as a perfume.

Spiritually it was used to enhance meditation by the ancient Egyptians and even recorded as being used by Moses in making a Holy Incense .

The Lord told Moses in Exodus 30:34, "Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte (Myrrh), and onycha (Labdanum), and Galbanum; these sweet spices with pure Frankincense: of each shall there be a like weight. And thou shalt make it a perfume, a confection after the art of the apothecary, tempered together, pure and holy." Holy incense was to be burned 24 hours a day in the temple.

Galbanum Essential Oil

SKU: 98000016-11
    • Helps improve blood circulation in the body, especially the joints to treat health issues stemming from obstructed or irregular circulation e.g. arthritis, rheumatism or gout due to beneficial circulatory properties.  
    • Helps effectively clear congestion from the nasal tracts, bronchi, trachea, larynx, pharynx, lungs and respiratory tract which is beneficial in treating bronchitis, coughs, colds, catarrh and other respiratory issues due to powerful decongestant properties. 
    • Beneficial detoxifying properties remove and promote the expulsion of excess water, salts, uric acid (a major cause of both gout and arthritis) and other toxic, harmful substances from the body.  
    • It helps relax both muscles and nerves as well as eliminating spasms and is also beneficial in treating intestinal and respiratory tract spasms. 
    • Its aroma helps repel insects e.g.. mosquitoes, flies, ants etc and can be used in an incense stick, vaporizer, burner, diffuser or topically on humans and pets to ward off mosquitoes, lice, fleas, bed bugs etc.
    • Provides relief from lymphatic problems and relieves muscular, menstrual, joint and other kinds of pain. 
    • Diuretic properties help increase the frequency of urination which is one of the ways the body releases extra bile and stomach acids, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, sugar, sodium and any other pollutants that may have entered the system. 
    • Helps cause blood vessel contraction to stop blood flow and help boost blood clot development which is beneficial in healing wounds and ulcers as well as in treating hemorrhoids. 
    • Also helps provide relief from indigestion and nerve issues.
    • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help reduce inflammation and relieve pain from headaches, indigestion, arthritis, sprains, sports injuries etc.  
    •  Emenagogue properties help remove obstruction during menstruation and promote regular periods. 
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