Mo's Natural Solutions Raha Stress relief roller blend Nigeria

Raha Stress Relief Roller Blend

Product description: 

The name "Raha" is Arabic for rest, comfort or peace of mind which is what we want you to feel whenever you use this carefully curated, expertly blended, soothing, stress relieving, anxiety reducing, calming, easily absorbent  blend of stress relieving, calming, soothing, anti anxiety essential oils in a light, easily absorbent carrier oil base with an easy to use roller bottle. 

Take Raha with you as you navigate the day and combat all the stress life throws at us on a daily basis or for those times you just need some Zen.

The ball in its cap helps it roll easily on the inner wrists or behind the ear as you would use your perfume. Plus it smells amazing so don't be surprised when people ask what perfume you are using. 

It can also be used on lava beads, just roll on each bead and can be warn immediately as it is already diluted. 

Do not use while pregnant, breastfeeding, on children below 6 years old, epileptics, before or while operating heavy machinery e.g. cars

Consult your Medical Practitioner before use if you are on medication or under medical supervision foran ailment.

Do not ingest, external use only.

A skin patch test is recommended before topical use as with all essential oils.

Discontinue use IMMEDIATELY if irritation or discomfort occurs.