A Little backstory...


The journey to starting Mo's inadvertently began while dealing with a serious illness. I'd had surgery, been on medication for years, spent too many nights in various hospitals and I was just over all of it because my health still wasn't optimal. My amazing Doctor sensed my frustration and suggested we integrate aromatherapy, herbs, Ayurveda, meditation and other lifestyle changes with her care. By then I was willing to try anything and it was one of the absolute best decisions I ever made because it worked wonders and my health improved rapidly. 

Then the problem of supply and access arose, I could only get the quality of botanicals that actually worked for me (if they aren't pure, they don't really do much) either while abroad directly from trusted cottage distillers with high grade, pure oils or ordering from them and shipping to Nigeria but the combined cost became ridiculous. I grew quite frustrated but still needed my oils, and then one day the light bulb in my head went off and I had a "Eureka" moment. 


It took a few years of continuous seemingly unending classes, studying and researching, using myself, family and friends as guinea pigs, talking to both Herbal and Medical Doctors, Aromatherapists, Naturopaths, planning, sourcing and so much preparation to launch Mo's Essential Oils in November 2016 which has now evolved into Mo's Natural Solutions.  


I am so proud and grateful that since then we have built a trusted brand with a reputation synonymous with quality, considered to be one of the best sources for natural health and beauty products in Nigeria. 


Our discerning customers expect only 100% Pure, Undiluted, Organic/Wild Harvested, Rare and Exotic Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, botanicals etc.with excellent customer service so we have no choice but to always provide that without compromise. 


Our range is a collection of some of my personal all-time favorites that I use regularly because of their immense potency and proven efficacy.  


I truly hope you'll join our ever-growing family and make Mo's a part of your journey into holistic health, natural skin and hair care, aromatherapy and all you need for natural health and wellness. 


Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy our store, 


Peace & Love 


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