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Essential oils 101


What are Essential oils?

“An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic (a substance that repels or doesn’t mix with water) liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.


They can be obtained from a number of plant sources e.g. blossoms, grass, roots, trees, bark, leaves etc. depending on the oil.

Essential Oils hold a plethora of therapeutic benefits for Physical, Physiological, Emotional & Mental health and for natural skin & hair care. 


How To Use Essential Oils 

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

1. Inhalation: (Best for Respiratory, Hormonal, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Cleansing, Insomnia, Meditation etc.

Techniques for Inhalation:

  1. Diffusing: Add a few drops of EO(s) to your diffuser according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

 Note: When diffusing using an ultrasonic diffuser, use this ratio as a rule of thumb for blending EOs by scent; Base notes 6 drops, Middle notes 10 drops and Top notes 10 drops per 200ml of clean water.

This is not set-in stone, it is just a general guideline, you can tweak and play around with quantities and EOs until you find what works best for you. 

     2. Direct Inhalation: Hold EO a few inches from the nose and breathe in the aroma or blend             with a carrier oil, rub between palms and cup hands over the mouth and nose

Indirect Inhalation: Add 1-3 drops to a handkerchief, cotton ball, pillowcase, etc.

  1. Hot Water Vapor/Steam Tent: Heat a pot of water (not boiling), add 1-2 drops of EO(s), place a towel over your head while leaning over the water, and inhale the steam. This is best for respiratory issues, it is very direct and potent, 1-2 drops will be adequate and make sure to keep the eyes closed. It is not advisable to directly and intensively inhale essential oils for longer than 15-20 minutes, with steam inhalation.

Note: Not recommended for children younger than 7 years old. Children older than 7 should use swimming goggles to protect their eyes.

2. Topical Application: (Recommended for Localized physical pain, Inflammation, Relaxation Massage etc.)

Techniques for topical use:

   1. Direct application: Dilute essential oils in a carrier oil and apply directly to the affected area.

   2. Cold/Hot Compress: Add EO(s) and carrier oil blend to your choice of hot or cold water, soak cloth/towel in the water solution and place on the localized area.

  3. Bath/Foot Soak: This method allows for absorption through the skin and inhalation of the volatilized essential oil. Blend EO(s) in a carrier oil and add to hot water, once the water cools to a comfortable temperature, bathe or soak feet in it.

Note:  EO(s) are not water soluble and MUST be diluted in a suitable dispersal agent preferably a carrier oil before using in a bath.  

Massage: Drops of EO are added to a light easily absorbent carrier oil and applied to skin areas with gentle rubbing.


Natural Skin & Haircare


Skincare: Create your own blend using the EOs and a complementary carrier oil of your choice which also has desired benefits then apply to skin as a moisturizer once or twice daily or massage into skin as needed.


Hair care: Dilute EOs in a complementary carrier oil of your choice which also has desired benefits and

  1. Add to shampoo/conditioner (does not need a carrier oil)

  2. Add to warm water to massage the scalp and rinse off

  3. Add to leave in hair care products


Beneficial areas you can apply essential oils:

  • Neck

  • Forehead and temples

  • Chest and abdomen

  • Arms, legs, the bottom of the feet (soles)

Sensitive areas to be avoided:

  • Some facial areas, such as the skin around the eyes

  • Eyes and inner ears

  • Broken, damaged, or otherwise injured skin


Blending Tips

1. A drop of Essential Oil (EO) is measured by pressing the rubber cap very gently to release single tiny drops, do not use all the contents of the glass dropper: 10ml bottle of EO = 200 drops, a 30ml bottle of EO = 600 drops

2. Cautions, recommended dermal maximums of particular note, oil safety, and care are available for each product, please read through properly.

3.  When using multiple EOs, the recommended total number of drops is a combined total not for each individual oil.

4. Do not use oils when there is a known or suspected allergy to the plant from which it was obtained. Always conduct a skin patch test before commencing on using an oi, if irritation occurs discontinue use IMMEDIATELY.

5. Our oils are responsibly sourced and 100% Pure, Undiluted & Organic/Wild Harvested, however, we strongly advise that you do NOT ingest, external use only, unless under the direction or supervision of a qualified and experienced Medical Professional.

6. We are not Medical doctors, all our products are categorized according to the uses, benefits, properties, cautions and other information attributed to them within the resources available to us. We welcome you to conduct your own from reputable sources to make an informed choice of the products most suited to your issue.

7. Do not ingest or apply undiluted essential oils, absolutes, CO2s or other concentrated essences onto the skin. Some EOs need to be diluted more than others e.g. Cinnamon Bark & Labdanum  should not be added at a rate in excess of 1 drop/30ml of base oil and should be diluted even before inhalation.

8. Consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using EOs the elderly, while pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, cancer, if you have medical issues or are taking medications.

9. Use extreme caution when using oils with children and be sure to first read the recommended dilution ratios for children.


Essential oil safety

  • Keep in a secure place out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Please follow instructions and cautions carefully.

  • Do not ingest, external use only

  • Discontinue use IMMEDIATELY if irritation or discomfort occurs.

  • Do not use oxidized essential oils topically (on the skin or hair) they can, however, be added to cleaning products which must be applied with gloves.

  • Rancid carrier oils should be disposed of and not used

  • Never use essential oils on your skin without diluting it with a carrier oil.

  • A skin test is recommended prior to use. Place a small amount of the essential oil on the inside of your elbow, leave for a few hours, if you have no reaction to it, you are good to go and can use the oil with no issues. If you experience any soreness, redness or irritation do not use this oil in your blend.

  • If an essential oil or essential oil blend gets into your eye or any other soft membrane, flush immediately with clean water or cold milk. Seek medical attention if the stinging and/or irritation continue.

  • Our caps are childproof, however, that only works if the bottle is securely locked.

  • If allergic to certain plants/food, do not use essential that come from them. If an essential oil causes sensitivity or irritation, clean the affected area with a carrier oil e.g. Blackberry Seed Oil, Guava Seed Oil, Coconut Oil etc. Do not use water as that will exacerbate the irritation.

  • Be sure to read the cautions for your chosen oils and ensure there are no contraindications with any medication(s) you may be on or medical conditions you may have.

 Essential Oil Care​

  • Keep oils securely locked in a cool dry place away from sunlight to preserve their potency.

  • Use your droppers to measure what you need and close the bottle tightly.

  • It helps to keep both essential and carrier oils in the fridge to extend their shelf life, especially given that we are in the tropics.

  • Essential oils will oxidize and change color, consistency, and scent with overexposure to oxygen and UV rays.

  • Carrier oils will go rancid with overexposure to heat or water

Note: If you put essential oil bottles into a fridge with food, some of your food may start to taste of the oils.  So keep them in a container: wooden box, plastic box or zip-lock bag.

Essential oils become progressively more viscous as they cool which won’t noticeably affect most oils, but some may be slow to pour. If you do need to slightly warm up an essential oil, hold the bottle in your hand for a minute but most will be fine to use immediately.

Natural Skin & Haircare
Blending Tips
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Safety & Care
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