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  • How to order?
    1. Add your chosen items to the cart and when you are done go to checkout. 2. Choose the appropriate shipping zone for your delivery address. 3. Complete your order using one of our payment methods. 4. Your receipt will be sent via email once we confirm receipt of payment. 5. Orders are processed for dispatch within 24 hours of order completion. 6. Shipping notification with tracking information will be emailed once order dispatched. 7. Delivery will be as stipulated in the designated shipping zone. 8. Receive your order and enjoy.
  • Consultations & Recommendations
    Using plant derivatives e.g. essential & carrier oils or hydrosols can be a bit intimidating when you are new to them. We are experienced aromatherapists with years of ex[erience in using these derivatives for a multitude of uses and their many benefits and are here to help guide you in any way we can. 1. Consultation (for a fee) Online or In person: During our consultations we will take detailed information and a backstory on your issue, recommend the best, most effective products for your issue within your budget. We create customised blend recipes for you using your recommended products with easy step by step instructions on blending them properly. There will also be a complimentary 15minute follow up call to check in. 2. Product recommendation (complimentary): We offer free recommendations of products for you to choose from if you need us to if you are a bit conflicted on which ones you need. That entails us giving you names of a few products that would be effective for your issue, that way you can go through our store and choose what looks best to you from our list.
  • International Shipping
    Yes we ship internationally via DHL which attracts a charge, if your country is not on the list of countries in our shipping options, please send us an email and we will assist. If you have a DHL, FEDEX, UPS or any other courier account we will send you the necessary information needed for you to create a pick up order.
  • Other Services
    We offer several services for our customers which include: 1. Learning: We have classes of varying intensity for natural enthusiasts who would like to have a better understanding on how to use essential oils for holistic healing, skincare and aromatherapy, please go to our Book a Class page, go through the information, make your payment and choose your date from the calender. You will receive a zoom code once payment is confirmed for your chosen times and date.
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