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Customer reviews

You gee - Sangotedo

Bergamot (Bergaptene free) & Tulsi Essential Oils, Blackberry Seed Oil and Winter Sage Toner 

I don't know where to start, but I'll just give my story. I found MO when all other EO vendors did not respond to my request and it was a matter of urgency. So I already gave credit to MO for this, now this great customer service was topped when she had to know my body/skin type to know the product best for me (I had a little faith in this), in terms of cost, very affordable as well then along with the perfect timing for delivery. I came to get only oil but I ended up purchasing a facial mist too. Over to the products, wow what can I say, the scent of the oils ✅ the texture ✅ it doesn’t make me sweat, along with my charcoal soap body butter and serum, Mo's Winter Sage Facial mist and Blackberry oil with hint of Tulsi and Bergamot is just priceless, I can’t really explain how excited and perfect I feel when I use these but get yours to experience same. Maybe after 3 months, I will try a different carrier oil cause I just can’t resist the scent 😂 Thank you dear MO

Oyenike - Bonny Island

Sandalwood, Neroli, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Myrtle, Blackberry seed oil, Cucumber Seed Oil, Cistus hydrosol , Immortelle Blossom Toner, 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser, Leather locket diffuser bracelet and others 

I got to know Mosnaturalsolutions through a referral by a page I saw on Instagram. I was skeptical at first but my first purchase from this amazing lady blew me away. She was very courteous and professional and the quality of the oils was something I hadn't come across in my years of search for the best carrier and essential oils for my skin. My skin has been better off for it and I definitely recommend this business. Her oils and hydrosols are the best you can get. Her diffusers and bracelets are top notch as well. Will definitely keep buying from Mo 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.

Adebola - Lekki


Essential Oil

I began my search for undiluted and genuine essential oils after a bad experience with a particular brand and then I found Mo's website. It was love at first sight! I was drawn to it due to the quality of the website and was even more impressed by the quality and standard of their oils . When I reached out on Instagram, I was blown away by the warmth. I was provided  with detailed information regarding my inquiry. I purchased Labdanum essential oil and I am beyond impressed. I remain a loyal customer, please keep up the good work. We love you!

Deinma - Abuja

Rosewood Essential Oil & 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Mo! I love the oils! My gosh! I haven't even opened them yet but the smell keeps coming to me even in the pack. I can't imagine how potent they must be. I am really glad I found you, now I get why people kept commenting on DANG that they would keep adding to their collection! I have already started building a collection in my head! I can't wait to have all..I can't wait!! Even the bracelets so my friends can smell it too! Thank God I bought the last 2 Coral Jasmine from Organic Life Plus, the smell is already heavenly. Ah! And thank you so much for the free gift, thank you so much. This is unbelievable, to think we have never met! I love the experience here and the oils are even top notch. I can't wait for us to go global, when I see your products on high end shelves!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I enjoyed chatting with you, i truly felt like a customer that was important. 


I have put on my diffuser with Coral Jasmine and Cypress, my room is already smelling like heaven, just wanted to tell you I love it, with my worship combo, even God is ready to come down lol

June - Festac 

 Lavender Kashmir & Bergamot Essential Oils​

Love your service and products! Loyal customer for life! Well done, its refreshing to see a Nigerian brand doing business with excellence. 

​Excellent service! Excellent products! Beyond impressed!!!

Suhayr -  Abuja

Helichrysum, Neroli, Indian Frankincense,  Labdanum, Rosewood, Hyssop and other EOs. Strawberry Seed, Blackberry Seed & Blackcurrant Seed Oild. 200ml Ultrasonic Diffuser Essential Oil

I have tried so many brands of Essential Oils and can beat my chest that Mo's Natural Solutions is the most potent, purest and best ever! Thank God they are in Nigeria. Whenever I buy my stash from them, I'm always amazed at the level of purity, its really mind blowing. Whaaat! My favorites are Neroli, Indian Frankincense and Helichrysum. I'm a die hard fan of this brand. 

Nnonyue - Sangotedo 

Bergamot and Wild Carrot Seed Essential Oils and Immortelle Blossom Toner 

I love everything I bought from this brand! The essential oils and the special Immortelle Blossom Toner! Super anti-aging, it makes me look 16 again, love, love, love Mo's Natural Solutions. 

Natalie - Banana Island

Melissa, Jatamansi, Labdanum, Ruh Khus, Elemi, Coral Jasmine Essential Oils, Strawberry Seed Oil, Cistus Hydrosol and 200ml Ultrasonic Diffuser

My favorite brand, I love everything I've bought from Mo's Natural Solutions, back to back to back hits all around. For me personally, Jatamansi, Labdanum and Elemi EOs in Strawberry Seed Oil and Cistus Hydrosol is the only way for my skin to continue shining like this. For sleep Melissa and Ruh Khus in my diffuser and its lights out. Mo!!!!!!!

Little League

Coral Jasmine, Java Citronella Essential Oils and 200ml Ultrasonic Diffuser

I loveeee Mo's Natural Solutions Ultrasonic diffuser, the aesthetics is just gorgeous! I hate insecticide, so I always diffuse Java Citronella Essential Oil to kill mosquitoes and ants. Big plus is, it leaves your house smelling like one of those homes on Pinterest!

Ebahenita - Lagos

Galbanum and Hyssop Essential Oils 

Oh my days, I got Mo's Natural Solutions Galbanum and Hyssop Essential Oils from Organic Life Plus Ng. for varicose veins and acne and it really helped. 

Temitope - Ikorodu

Manuka Essential Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil 

I have to admit getting Mo's Manuka Essential Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil is the best decision I've made so far concerning my sensitive and acne prone skin . For someone that has tried so many products that weren't effective or ended up making matters worse. I was awed when I got to see impressive results within a week. I'm definitely sticking to Mo's

Chigo - Abuja, F.C.T

Tea Tree Essential Oil, Calendula oil and Cucumber Seed Oil

Hello Mo,

Thank you for your pure essential oils. You are real and hopefully, you will never compromise on your quality.

The Tea Tree in the Cucumber Seed oil dried up the rashes and bumps on the twin's legs in only a few days. As for the scars, they are almost gone. The Calendula is a good insect repellent too. 

Thank you so much and may God enlarge your business on all levels Many thanks. 

Oluwayemisi - Ile-Ife

Cajeput, Indian Frankincense and Rose Geranium Essential Oils, Blackcurrant Seed Oil 

Words cannot express my feelings, my delight and my gratitude.

My initial thought was just let me try these ones (Black currant Seed Oil, Indian Frankincense, Cajeput and Rose Geranium Essential Oils) after consultation with Mo's herself. Guess what? I am so still very excited about the result I'm getting every day, my skin, spots and sunburn are almost gone,  I'm getting clearer skin by the day. So awesome even the delivery and the packaging is killing.  I'm so happy I discovered Mo's.

This will not be complete if I don't mention the excellent customer care service that I got during my period of consultation with Mo herself. She is so sweet. 



Myrtle, Neroli and Winter Cherry Essential Oils, Blackberry Seed Oil

​This is overdue but I could not let 2018 go without testifying to the goodness of Mo's and their oils. I contacted Mo after reading her blog posts on her own struggle with hyperthyroidism as I am dealing with the same thing. She was so kind and listened to me patiently which I really appreciated because I was struggling at the time. She suggested a few oils including Myrtle, Winter Cherry, and Neroli Essential oils to me and asked me to do my own research before buying and I decided on these 3. I have been using them since then and I must confess things have seriously improved, I am sleeping better, I have fewer mood swings and a lot of my other symptoms are better, even my doctors noticed...she insisted that I stay under medical care even with the oils. All I can say is God bless you Mo!! P.s this my diffuser bracelet has made life so much easier...If you want PURE, ORIGINAL essential oils just go to Mo, there is no other option, the reviews are true their products are the BEST.


Cajeput and Helichrysum Essential Oils, Blackberry Seed Oil 

"So I have been battling with eczema for some years now, went to different dermatologists and I was given all sorts of creams that never really worked. Until a friend told me about Mo's Natural Solutions. I went on Instagram to search for them, got a number to call. When I called Mo herself picked up, I explained my problems and she advised on some of her products. However, she told me to do a bit of research on those products before buying them, after I did that I was almost sure of what I wanted. Placed an order and started using it asap, and in 2 to 3 weeks my skin was like a baby's bum. What I liked about Mo was that she was able to advise me that I will have to pay attention to what I eat, basically, my lifestyle needed to change, not saying the eczema will never come back but I can manage it and still have flawless skin.

Thanks Mo,  God bless you."


Neroli and Lavender Kashmir Essential Oils, Strawberry Seed Oil, The Halcyon Collection "Earth", 120ml Essential Oil Diffuser

​"My lava stones aren't just on my wrist for the style of it, they are my stress relief on the go...You ask how? Ok, I'll tell you. I add my essential oils (Neroli, Yarrow and Lavender Kashmir)and they stay scented for 2 days. I take a quick sniff each time the stress of the day is taking a toll on me"

Little League

Helichrysum, Balsam of Peru Essential Oils, Calendula and Cucumber Seed Oil, Roman and German Chamomile Hydrosols.

"First of all, this is not a paid review. This is just a very honest statement of my experience with Mo's Natural Solutions.

My 5yr old son has atopic dermatitis and we have been battling with it for years. However, for an unknown reason he had developed the worse breakouts on his body, it was so sore and itchy the poor boy could no longer sleep peacefully. No area on his body was spared. I spoke with @organiclifeplus and she recommended I speak with Aunty Mo, which I did.

Aunty Mo immediately swung into action as if it were her baby. She prayed, she recommended products,  she gave food advice, she even gave up her personal products for free, indeed Aunty Mo was ever on hand to listen to my every little complaint or observation. In fact, I won't even begin to go on about how much she educated me on essential oils and natural skincare. The woman is just amazing.

Finally, God listened to us and today, my baby's skin is 80% smooth and itch free. Thank you so much Aunty Mo, our angel. God bless you."

Akpevwe - Gbagada

Rose Geranium and Wild Carrot Seed Essential Oils with Strawberry Seed Oil 

"So I got sunburned, and that is solely due to negligence on my part(yeah melanin burns too) and yeah I now go around with SPF to reapply, I have learned my lesson. Anyways, I reached out to Mo because I wanted to "NATURALLY" heal the burns, dryness and hyperpigmentation that accompanies sun damage whilst focusing on pro-aging.  She recommended these, first of all, the fragrance of these oils........a written description won't do justice so I won't even try.  Its been almost 2 months since I started using them and here are my observations: 

Hyperpigmentation - 60% gone, Dryness - 90% gone, Radiance 65% gleaming. I will report back in a month's time with pictures (still gathering liver)"

Isi - Benin City

Strawberry Seed Oil 

"I was fortunate to get Muskmelon seed oil from a friend. Impressed by its wonderful results on my skin I went ahead to contact Mo and strawberry oil was suggested to me..ohhhh...the smell is divine, heavenly and it's 100% pure not adulterated..In a short period of less than 48 hours, considering the fact that I don't live in Lagos my order was processed and delivered to me. Kudos to the excellent customer service I got also...I will be going back to purchase some more.."


Bergamot, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

"Sooo..... Mo has the most amazing oils I’ve ever tried. Customer service 100%. I sleep so well now, I’m a lot calmer and my head is sooo clear with my senses heightened. You can never underestimate the power of a pure essential oil. My favorite one is Bergamot and I haven’t tried the collection yet. I’m so ready to explore. Thank you, Mo😘😘"

Little League

Helichrysum, Neroli, Mysore Sandalwood, Indian Frankincense, Hyssop, Cinnamon Bark, Labdanum  Essential oils, Blackberry seed,  Strawberry seed oils

"Mo's Essential oils and Carrier oils are the absolute best in the country, they are unadulterated pure and of course, work wonders!

And Mo's is very knowledgeable about her oils! keep up the good work team!"


Indian Frankincense, Lavender Kashmir, Myrrh, Myrtle Essential Oils and Cucumber seed oil 

"Hello, Mo, 

I recently bought some essential oils from your store and from the results I am experiencing right now I have no doubt that your products are the real deal. I've been buying essential oils for a long time now but none have been as effective as yours. 

I also love that I was able to chat with you and also learned a lot from you. I followed your advice and I'm doing great with my oils, I would recommend your products gladly and would surely come back for more. thanks for everything."                                                                                 

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