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Uses & benefits of dill seed Essential oil 

Benefits of diffusion: It is renown for its calming, sedative effect to induce relaxation, relieve stress, anxiety, soothe irritability, anger, fatigue, nervous tension and other symptoms of depression, PMS or menopause.

It also helps calm a hyperactive mind and helps with issues like ADHD in kids.

It helps alleviate the effects of allergic reactions and has a diuretic and detoxifying effect to help rid the body of harmful toxins by helping to increase the frequency of urination.

Dill Seed Essential oil has sedative effects to help induce a deep, restful sleep quicker and combat insomnia.

It is also diffused to help increase milk production in nursing mothers due to its galactagogue effect. 

When you need quicker or more direct relief from respiratory distress, try a steam tent by adding 3 drops of Dill Seed Essential Oil to hot water, place a towel over your head and the steam (don't get too close to the hot water) to keep the vapors trapped. Close your eyes and inhale, you can add other EOs but don’t exceed 3 -4 drops in total combined

Topical use benefits: Apply to the lower abdomen and back to treat menstrual cramps or pain and to the stomach area to effectively soothe digestive issues, expel excess gas which helps when dealing with constipation, indigestion, flatulence etc.

It has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, beneficial in relieving pain from spasms (cramps) sore muscles, joint, knee or back pain, muscular stress, or tension. 

Massage gently into the soles of the feet, preferably at night or while lying down for its detoxification benefits.

Apply to wounds, cuts and abrasions to accelerate healing and prevent infection, to rashes, eruptions, welts and other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Massage consistently into cellulite and varicose veins to help diminish their appearance. 

Other attributed therapeutic benefits of Dill Seed Essential Oil include: Antispasmodic, 

carminative, digestive, disinfectant,  galactagogue, sedative, stomachic and sudorific 

Skincare benefits: As a natural skincare ingredient in a moisturizer/serum for its amazing skin purifying effects to help eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin's surface and open up the pores to allow them breathe properly which helps it thrive and glow with health.

It is also an antioxidant and helps boost collagen production to aid in the battle against free radical and environmental damage, diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring to prevent premature aging and renew mature skin. 

With consistent use it also helps diminish the appearance of spots, scars and other skin blemishes, accelerate wound healing, calms and soothes allergic reactions, skin irritations and inflammation.

Hair care benefits: It helps moisturize dry hair by stimulating oil secretion in the scalp. It also helps treat infections and can be used to prevent and treat lice infestations.  

revitalize dull, dry hair by providing deep moisturization and improving overall health.

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