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Uses & benefits of german chamomile hydrosol

Skincare benefits: German Chamomile Hydrosol is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is beneficial in treating and soothing discomfort from sun damage, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea etc.

It also helps promote skin cell regeneration to heal the skin, repair damage and aids in the diminishing of acne scars.

German Chamomile Hydrosol is the best choice for reactive, problematic skin issues and is recommended for daily use as a cleanser and moisturizer for dry, chapped, cracked, damaged, irritated or inflamed skin.

It is extremely calming and can be added to children’s bath water and added as a wetting agent for natural baby wipes.

Haircare benefits:

Use as a hair rinse: Add equal parts of German Chamomile hydrosol and Apple cider vinegar and use once every week to help dissolve residue from shampoos and other hair products, increase softness and shine and helping to balance PH in the hair and scalp.

As a hair spritz: Spray on hair before moisturizing or on protective styles to provide hydration and nutrients to the scalp and hair shaft. 

Healing benefits: Use as a compress to ease pain and diminish the appearance of swollen varicose or thread veins.

Add to a sitz bath to help treat thrush, candida and other vaginal infections.

Use as a compress to ease pain and diminish the appearance of swollen varicose or thread veins.

Spray on freshly shaved skin as a natural, gentle aftershave to help soothe, heal and prevent bumps and other infections, irritations or inflammations. 

Use as a calming, refreshing facial mist to soothe and calm to ease anger, frustration, anxiety, depression etc. or on bed linen before sleep to induce sleep.

Spray on burns, blisters, minor cuts or wounds, athlete’s foot and other skin infections to relieve itchiness and promote healing.

Use as a calming, anti-allergenic room spray to help combat environmental or seasonal allergens or spray on bed linen to aid sleep.

Spray on sores, distressed or irritated skin to help calm, cool and soothe discomfort. 

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