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Uses & benefits of ginger essential oil 

Benefits of diffusion: Its warming aroma is deeply calming to help relieve feelings of anxiety, depression, exhaustion and helps stimulate feelings of courage and ease.

It helps release feelings of fatigue, sadness and is said to help improve energy levels by stimulating feelings of empowerment, positivity, hope and a balanced, grounded mindset.

When inhaled via diffusion it is also helpful in stimulating the libido.

Some of its other attributed benefits include anti-nausea, diuretic and detoxifying to help expel toxins by increasing the frequency of urination which is beneficial when dealing with fever and the flu.

When using for motion sickness or other forms of nausea while on the move, an essential oil diffuser bracelet is recommended. 

Ginger Essential oil has sedative effects to help induce a deep, restful sleep quicker and combat insomnia.

Its expectorant and anti-inflammatory benefits help expel phlegm to eliminate congestion and irritation in the respiratory tract and nasal cavity to relieve issues like colds, coughs, sore throats and bronchitis.

Topical use benefits: It is an effective anti-inflammatory, and has an analgesic and warming effect.

It is beneficial in relieving all kinds of pain e.g. headaches, migraines, sore muscles, joint, knee or back pain, muscular stress, or tension e.g., sprains or sports injuries.

Massage gently into the soles of the feet, preferably at night or while lying down for its detoxification benefits.

Apply to the chest to help accelerate expelling of mucus and phlegm in the nasal and respiratory tracts to relieve congestion and improve breathing. 

Massage into joints to soothe and relieve inflammation, pain and discomfort related to arthritis.

Apply to the lower abdomen and back to treat menstrual cramps and pain, improve the flow of obstructed menses and as a digestive aid for relief from constipation, heartburn, nausea, flatulence, or other digestive issues. 

Other therapeutic properties of Ginger Essential Oil include: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, astringent, anti-nausea, carminative, circulatory digestive, diuretic, detoxifying, expectorant, immune boosting, laxative, sudorific, stimulating, tonic, stimulant, warming

Skincare benefits: As a natural skincare ingredient in a moisturizer/serum for its powerful antioxidant benefits to combat free radical damage and improve skin elasticity to prevent premature aging and improve the health and appearance of aging skin.

It also helps regulate overactive sebum glands to aid oily skin types and treat acne, pimples, sores, pustules, blemishes and other skin eruptions or infections.

Consistent use for its astringent benefits helps minimize pores and loose skin help prevent the formation of and diminish the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, clearer, younger looking skin.

It also helps accelerate healing and fade the appearance of acne or other scars  as well as cellulite when used regularly over a period of time.

It is also skin rejuvenating and stimulating, soothing to irritated inflamed skin, re-energizes the complexion, repairs damaged, hyperpigmented and devitalized skin, improve skin health, brightening, eliminates skin impurities and cleanses pores.

Ginger Essential Oil has emollient benefits which helps provide the skin with deep moisture and hydration to prevent dryness, cracking or chapping. 

Hair care benefits: Helps improve scalp health and cleanliness, soothe dryness and itchiness .

It also helps helps improve circulation to reduce thinning and stimulate growth.

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