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Skin & Hair care benefits

of goji berry oil  

Skincare benefits: Goji Berry seed oil is naturally high in antioxidants, over 19 amino acids e.g. Tryptophan and phenylamine, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, niacin, beta-sisterol, betaine and pyridoxine as well as trace minerals like phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron and copper.

It helps repair, even out the skin tone, smooth out wrinkles, improve skin cell elasticity by stimulating intercellular oxygenation which helps restore the balance of fats and water in the skin for clearer, healthier flawless skin.

It is a noticeably light oil that helps firm the skin and is great when used around the eye area to maintain its tightness. It is also detoxifying and purifying to help unclog the pores and treat and prevent millia formation around the eyes.

It is a great emollient with the ability to penetrate the skin deeply, stimulate the skin, increase metabolism, and help accelerate cell turnover to help even out the skin’s tone and complexion. With consistent use, it helps diminish the appearance of scars, blemishes, freckles, and other skin imperfections.

It is also nourishing, refreshing, brightening, and is a powerful antioxidant to help combat environmental and free radical damage. It helps minimize pores, fine lines and wrinkles to benefit aging, mature and or oily, acne prone skin. 

It helps heal damaged skin, and soothe irritations and inflammations e.g. psoriasis, eczema, rashes, burns, cuts etc. 

Hair care benefits: Goji Berry Seed Oil is a hair superfood, use as a conditioner to nourish, fortify, revitalize, strengthen and protect the roots of the hair follicle, seal the cuticle, deep moisturize and rehydrate the hair to repair split ends and prevent thinning, breakage and aid hair growth.

It is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory to help prevent and treat dry scalp, dandruff and maintain scalp health,

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