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Uses & benefits of Neroli essential oil 

Benefits of diffusion: The complex, seductive, sensual, intensely floral, slightly citrus aroma of Neroli Essential Oil is uplifting, stimulating, relaxing and induces feelings of joy, calm and peace to drive away sadness, anger, trauma or grief from loss, inculcate positive thoughts and boost confidence.  

It is one of the most effective essential oils to help relieve nervous tension or exhaustion, anxiety, stress, symptoms of chronic depression, and mood swings related to PMS and menopause.

Neroli is used as a curative for the mind and on a psychological level is said to comfort, strengthen, and induce feelings of hope, helping to release repressed emotions by relaxing and reuniting the conscious and subconscious for overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

It is a great natural sedative as its bioactive compounds help stimulate melatonin production to induce sleep quickly, improve sleep quality for a deeper sleep and combat insomnia even in post-menopausal women.

Inhale for its analgesic benefits to relieve tension headaches and during childbirth to help minimize anxiety and ease labor pains or during menstruation to help relieve menstrual cramps, fatigue and other premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms

Its sensual, intoxicating aroma has an aphrodisiac effect and is reputed to help boost the libido, treat reduced or loss of interest in sex, frigidity, impotence etc. Beneficial to women during menopause when sex drive is often affected.

It helps significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, improve pulse rate, serum cortisol levels and boosts the endocrine system to normalize hormonal imbalances and estrogen concentration. 

It also helps boost and enhance proper circulation, metabolism, and supports the immune system to maintain optimal health.

Its carminative properties help expel toxic gas build up in the stomach and intestines, beneficial in relieving stomach discomfort and inflammation, indigestion, nausea and other digestive issues.

The effect of its aroma in diffusion serves as an excellent general tonic for the body by helping to boost the immune system, relieve imbalances and irregularities in the nervous system on a deep cellular level to calm tense and frayed nerves, promotes the generation of new cells and improves the health of existing ones, to help maintain emotional balance, optimal metabolism rate and circulation and is beneficial in treating neuralgia, colitis etc. 

It also helps improve breathing by preventing excess mucus formation to prevent congestion in the lungs, nasal and respiratory tracts, beneficial in treating coughs, colds, flu etc.

Neroli Essential Oil also has anti-convulsion, anti-seizure, and antispasmodic effect to help prevent and calm convulsions, ease spasms, and relax muscles all over the body and  is beneficial in relieving spasmodic cholera, coughs, aches, cramps etc. 

Topical use benefits:  Massage gently into temples and the upper part of the neck to help calm the nerves, relieve, tension headaches and migraines. Massage into soles of the feet as well at night for its powerful sedative benefits to reduce time needed to fall asleep and improve sleep quality, it can also be used on kids when used in a 0.5-1% diffusion see here

Massage into affected areas to soothe pain and relieve circulation or inflammation issues that cause discomfort, aching, cramping and swelling in muscles, joints e.g. menstrual cramps, symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism etc.

Apply to the abdomen to help accelerate expulsion of gas build up and promote digestive health and relieve stomach discomfort, inflammation and other issues like indigestion, flatulence, nausea etc.

Apply to chest and upper back area to help provide relief from coughs, colds, catarrh, flu symptoms and other congestion related issues in the lung, nasal or respiratory tract that affect breathing or respiratory health.

Apply to cuts, burns, scrapes, and other minor wounds to help prevent and treat bacterial or fungal infestations. It is also beneficial in relieving symptoms of typhoid, cholera, poisoning and can help prevent tetanus on fresh cuts however you must get a tetanus shot as soon as possible within 24hours.

Apply to the abdominal area and lower back during menstruation to help improve blood flow, ease pain, normalize hormonal imbalances and relieve fatigue, irritability, nausea, cramping and other symptoms of PMS.

Massage all over the body to help boost the endocrine system and normalize irregularities in the nervous system to induce calm and relieve stress, anxiety and improve pulse rate, circulation and stimulate the immune system to improve overall health.

Massage into varicose and spider veins to help improve blood flow and relieve stress on the veins which soothes pain and with consistent use can help diminish their appearance.

Massage into soles of feet preferably at night for its detoxifying properties and consistently into fat cracks and cellulite to help fade them.

Other attributed therapeutic benefits of Neroli Essential Oil include: Antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, bactericidal, cordial, carminative, cicatrizant, cytophylactic, disinfectant, deodorant

antispasmodic, digestive, emollient, sedative, and tonic substance. 

Skincare benefits: : As a natural skincare ingredient in a moisturizer/serum for its reviving, rejuvenating, regenerating, repairing, purifying, brightening, tightening, hydrating, cleansing, balancing effect on the skin and its amazing ability to increase Vitamin C absorption which helps improve collagen production and while potent it is gentle enough for even the most hypersensitive skin types.

Neroli Essential is one of the most powerful natural anti-aging botanicals and aid for repairing damaged skin due to its ability to help accelerate new cell growth to boost regeneration and reverse cellular damage.

It also has astringent benefits to help improve skin cell elasticity and when used consistently over time helps tighten skin to fade wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging.

It is also a great aid for combination, oily and acne prone skin to help treat and prevent breakouts due to its potent antibacterial, sebum balancing and antiseptic properties which help cleanse and minimize pores, maintain skin oil moisture balance, and treat infections e.g., acne, pimples, eczema etc.  

Neroli EO is also rich in potent antioxidants which help combat free radicals to reverse environmental and UV (sun) damage.

It helps promote and accelerate cellular rejuvenation to effectively soothe inflammation or redness due to irritation or distress of the skin beneficial in treating sun damage and hyperpigmentation issues.

It also has a cicatrizing effect on the skin and with consistent use can help diminish the appearance of acne, age or pox scars, blemishes, dark spots, stretch marks (one of the few essential oils that can be used during pregnancy from the 2nd trimester to help prevent stretch marks) and other skin imperfections for a smoother, healthier more glowing even complexion.

Helps revive, heal, and rejuvenate damaged, dehydrated, dull or dry skin because Neroli is a moisturizing and hydration powerhouse with an extraordinary ability to help soften, replenish, and lock in moisture and give the skin a protective barrier to keep the skin supple, dewy, and glowing.

It also helps boost skin health, improve its tone and complexion, smoothen, and brighten the skin.

Hair care benefits: Helps encourage healthy scalp cell growth, treat irritations and balance oil levels to prevent greasy hair or scalp. It also helps alleviate pain from tight braids, Ghana weaving, locs etc​​

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