Organic Life Plus Chamomile Cleanse Face & Body Wash Nigeria

Chamomile Cleanse Face & Body Wash

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Product description:

Chamomile Cleanse is a hydrating, gentle face and body wash suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and is recommended for children.


Chamomile cleanse can be used as a non stripping night and day wash which helps deep cleanse the skin while providing much needed moisturization to prevent drying.


It is gentle enough to use on rashes, wounds, burns, acne , sores etc.


Chamomile Cleanse also makes for a great shampoo especially for young children and even adults with tender or sensitive scalps.




    Face & Neck: One pump (a little goes a long way) gently massaged into wet skin in a circular fashion and rinse off

    Dry skin with gently with a clean face towel and moisturize, repeat twice daily. 

    For best results spray on a gentle toner e.g. Melissa Hydrosol, Cistus HydrosolImmortelle Blossom or Wild Mysore and leave for 2 minutes before moisturization with an existing face cream, serum or Carrier oil e.g. Barbary Fig, Strawberry Seed, Guava Seed or Blackberry Seed.

    Body: Use as you would any other body wash

    Hair Care: Dilute in a 1:1 ratio with water and wash hair as usual.