Mo's Natural Solutions Blackcurrant Seed Oil Nigeria

Blackcurrant Seed Oil

SKU: 202002-03

Botanical name: Ribes nigrum

Plant part: Seeds

Cultivation: Organic

Extraction: Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin

Origin Country: Germany

Size: 30ml

Consistency: Light, non-greasy, easily absorbent

Product color: Pale to light honey like color

Aroma: Faint fish like aroma with a hint of blackcurrant

Shelf life: 2 years

Extraction date: July 2020


Fatty Acid Composition & Comedogenic rating:

Linoleic acid: 41%

Alpha Linolenic Acid: 17%
Gamma-Linolenic Acid: 14%

Oleic acid: 15%

Tocotrienol: 6.43mg/100g
Comedogenic Rating: 0-1


Product description: 

Blackcurrant seed oil is obtained from cold compression of the seeds of Ribes nigrum, a woody shrub native to Europe and Asia.

Virgin Blackcurrant Seed Oil is valued in skincare as a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals and is one of the primary plant based sources of Gamma Lineloic Acid aka G.L.A which helps promote healthy skin, strong nails and prevent hair loss.

It also has a high content of Vitamin C which helps stimulate collagen production to help maintain skin elasticity keeping the skin supple and smooth.

It is also prized as a great ingredient in oil based emulsions due to the effective way it penetrates the surface to increase hydration and improve water retention in the skin, which is why skin care products with Blackcurrant Seed Oil as an ingredient have an increased level of protection and moisturization. 


Note: Product colors and aroma profiles are intended to represent the typical and approximate color and scent of each oil. However, both can vary based on harvesting, distillation and other factors. These variations should not affect the efficacy of the product.

Blackcurrant Seed Oil is suitable for all skin types even the most hypersensitive and is recommended for dry skin. 

For skin and haircare benefits of Blackcurrant Seed Oil go here

Directions: Massage 1-4 drops into a clean face and neck twice a day with a gentle upward stroke to use on its own as an effective moisturizer on its own for its many benefits.

Create an anti aging, acne, rejuvenating, hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, tightening daily use serum by adding one or a combination of Essential Oils e.g. HelichrysumGinger Lily, Frankincense, Balsam Gurjun, or Cedarwood,without exceeding a combined or individual total of 6 drops.

Please check recommended dermal limits of each before adding and don’t forget the necessity of a skin patch test if adding EOs that are new to you.

Blackcurrant Seed Oil on its own or as the base for your new blend can be used as a standalone moisturizer or serum.

Alternatively use it first, wait a minute then layer with a favorite moisturizer.

For best results wash your face with a gentle, non-stripping, paraben free, moisturizing face cleanser e.g. Chamomile Cleanse and hydrate skin with a gentle skin toner e.g.German Chamomile , Cistus Hydrosol or Immortelle Blossom, leave for a minute or two and then moisturize with Blackcurrant Seed Oil or the serum twice daily.

Hair Care: Massage a few drops into the hair, or add to an existing conditioner, hair cream or as part of a hot oil treatment and massage into hair and scalp after washing.

It can be used as a daily hair oil to seal in moisture for natural hair in protective styles. 

Blend your own DIY all-natural conditioner by adding 1-3 drops of one or more of Patchouli (Dark), Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint, Rosemary or Thyme (Red) Essential Oils to 5ml of Blackcurrant Seed Oil massage into hair, wrap up in a towel for 20mins and rinse off.