Botanical name: Boswellia frereana 
Plant part: Resin

Cultivation: Wild-Harvested
Extraction: Steam distillation 

Size: 10ml


Product description:

Known as the "King of Frankincense" and "Maydi" in Somali land, the essential oil produced from the fragrant resin of the Boswellia frereana tree, which originated in Oman and the Middle East is one of the oldest aromatics in recorded history. 

This plant has been a true gift to the human community, serving variously not only as medicine but as a source of dyes and cosmetics, along with its use as an air-freshener, mosquito repellent, and an essential source of livelihood for local communities.

Frankincense Essential Oil

SKU: 98000016-10
    • Beneficial anti-allergenic properties
    • Beneficial anti-infectious properties
    • Beneficial antispasmodic properties
    • Helps build and maintain a strong immune system
    • Help treat respiratory conditions
    • Beneficial immunostimulant properties
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